Monday, November 8, 2010

Censorship is Alive and Well in School

It's a miracle that I'm able to write this entry right now, and not because of my recent battle with writer's block, mind you, no, it's a miracle that I can write electronically and post this entry because of the network filter in place at the high school where I teach.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, censorship is alive and well in our high school.  The network filter is sifting out undesirable sites and topics as I type to you now.  Big Brother is watching me (and you).  Thank Ford, because we certainly can't be trusted to go to appropriate sites.  Certainly not sites to read articles about the Holocaust (blocked) or find pictures from the Civil Rights march (blocked) or read an author's blog (blocked) to learn more about her writing. 

No biggie. I'll just assign that webquest for homework.

After all, we're preparing our students for what they will experience at college.  The same frustration searching for research information blocked by network filters and trying to work around restrictions when searching images...what's that you say?  There are no filters at college?  It's free and clear?  No constraints?

Thank Ford we're teaching our students repsonsibility now by censoring their computer search habits.

At least teachers are allowed to override the constraints and still access meaningful material normally blocked by the network, um.  Not.

Breathe,, two, three, four, yes, count with me, five, six, seven, eight...that's better, isn't it?

How can one expect to teach students responsibility when one does not allow the students the freedom to choose wisely?

I'd show you a great video on that topic, but YouTube is blocked.  I can't override it either. 

I can show you when I get home.

Now pass the Soma.