Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Leaping Poodles

We have two Standard Poodles, Rocko (Rocco... that's how I spell it, but the vet has it as Rocko) and Rudy. Rocco is a sixteen-month-old white Standard with traces of apricot here and there and Rudy is an eight-month-old black Standard whom we lovingly refer to as "developmentally delayed." I say that because when he came to us a month ago he had been returned to the breeder by a couple who had no doubt left him in a cage all day in some small apartment in Boston.

Rudy doesn't know how to run.

Sounds odd for a dog, but it's true.

He's like a young Forrest Gump trussed in leg braces.

Rocco, son of a Eukanuba champion, majestically trots and breaks into a blurred gallop around the house and bullets into the woods. Rudy, well, he leaps like a white-tailed deer spooked by a passing car. It's rather amusing and sad at the same time. Kind of like a car crash on the freeway. You want to avert your eyes, but you can't.

This past weekend I filmed them outside(one running, the other leaping and twirling). I intended to upload the piece to the blog, but the file is far too large. I felt the need to share it, to let the world see the "leaping Poodle" who's afraid of his own shadow, but has a good heart and an old soul, at least until he starts chewing every stray sock in his path.

We're hoping that Rocco can be the Alpha dog, the pack leader as the Dog Whisperer would say, and teach Rudy to run like we know he can.

These things take time.

Like writing.

Like teaching.

These things take time.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

And so it begins....

After two years on the roller coaster that is the world of trying to get a book published, I landed an agent. It's amazing to see the amount of work that has to go into submitting a manuscript to a publisher. An author needs a marketing platform, a web site, a blog (hence the blog), and a book trailer... yeah, a book trailer... all to convince the acquisition and marketing teams that you do indeed have some people that might want to buy your book.

It's exciting though. So on this snowy day I'll be story boarding, adding widgets, learning to input html code... and oh yeah, almost forgot... maybe actually doing some writing. Novel idea, eh?