Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Comedy of Errors

Tomorrow afternoon I leave for four days of writing at the Wisdom House located in the Litchfield Hills. I intended on purchasing a new laptop for this occasion, but have thus far failed in my quest. My venture to different stores turned into the proverbial Comedy of Errors.

It seems every model I wanted is out of stock at the moment. I was shooting for something with the new wireless-N, so the HP dv7t with the 17" screen fit the bill, but everywhere I went: Out of stock. It looks like I'll be heading to the "place with the view" lugging my ancient Dell Inspiron 1100. I'm trying to clean it up right now, running the antivirus and deleting old programs. Hopefully, it still has a little horsepower left.

Book Update: I posted the book trailer on YouTube June 20, and have 35 hits so far. Not bad, or is it? I have nothing to gauge it against.

My agent is looking over the manuscript and may have suggestions for some changes, then off to the printer for 40-50 copies of galley paperbacks to send for blurbs/out to publishing houses.

We're getting close. It's a bit unnerving because I feel like it's do or die with the submissions.

I've tried to pump up the pre-marketing platform by soliciting people to join the mailing list on the website, taking out an ad on Google's adwords, begging friends and students to join, etc.

Hey, I'm a starving artist using an antique laptop. I'm not above begging, right?

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