Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Frenetic Musings

I spent yesterday's snow day installing a new shower kit in our bathroom. I enjoy taking a break from grading papers to roll up my sleeves and tackle a hands-on project. After a few minor miscues and miscalculations (including having to place a call into tech support because one of the parts shipped in the kit was badly deformed), I completed the job just before dinner.

Tonight I'll test for leaks (fingers crossed).

As I was caulking the joints, it occurred to me that this "hands-on" project or break from the norm is something our students need incorporated in their day. As our school moves to block scheduling next year, this idea becomes an even more important ingredient in planning lessons and units. Application of skills and moving beyond the text is something our students need and with the current schedule is difficult to accomplish.

Depth vs. breadth is the shift we're making with longer blocks of time, a philosophy I completely embrace.

The Mist...

Still no word from the other eight publishers and we're approaching the five month mark. I'm hoping I'll hear something soon and with my luck, it will all come on the same day.


Beth and I are working round the clock to ready the house to be sold at the end of the month. The amount of work is overwhelming, but we keep plugging away room by room. February break will be Purge week. We're getting a 30 yard dumpster and decluttering. It's amazing how much junk one can amass in a 15-year period.

Anyone want to buy a house?

Get in touch...lol.

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  1. You're moving!? Where to? Or is that not determined yet? And more importantly, when can we get together? I'm an excellent mover. :)

    We're going to some sort of block schedule here next year as well; I can't wait. We currently have 40-minute blocks. Ridiculous. Though it's better than my first year, when we had one block that was only 20 minutes long.