Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Connecticut Teachers Need to Relax

Governer Dannel Malloy has recently come under fire for comments he made regarding teacher tenure.  In essence, the governor stated that under the current tenure law all teachers need to do is "show up" for the first four years of their teaching career.

Wait...I just had to show up?

I'm actually quite upset this was never pointed out to me when I started this teaching gig nineteen years ago.

No BEST portfolio? No three formal observations a year? No mentoring/mentee situation? No extra meetings? No juggling planning, grading, correcting? No grad classes?

Teachers shouldn't be angry about what Governor Malloy said, they should be angry that previous governors didn't tell us we just needed to show up!

This is a breath of fresh air!

I feel as though all of the pressures of this teaching gig have slipped off my desk.  CAPT starts next what! PSAT prep...phewie!  NWEA progress reports....hahaha!  Data team....schmata team!  Professional goals, LTF training...please!  Core Values, Anti-bullying training, suicide prevention workshop, blood borne pathogens....out the window!  Budget, planning, scheduling, curriculum revision, grading, sorting, shredding, stressing, inspiring, bettering, bleeding from the eyes....teaching no more!

Yes, Connecticut educators, our governor should not be reviled.  He should be celebrated!

Now, by my calculations, the State of Connecticut owes me four years of "just showing up" (insert sound of stop watch clicking). hear that?

It's the sound of nothing.

Cause I'm just showing up.


  1. Joe,
    You hit the nail on the head with this post! Keep them coming...It provided me a laugh! I am home early due to the snow...I guess instead of these "standards based" report cards (read: nearly 100 grades given for EACH student), I will just show up without them! I am in year 6 of teaching and I would like those lazy 4 years back as well...

  2. Really enjoyed this post :)
    Maybe I should move to CT and start my teaching career there instead, sounds like a much better deal than up here in Quebec!

  3. And think about how great it will be to turn away all those confused souls who wander in looking for life advice or seeking a sounding board! What am I a psychiatrist? Go away! I can't want to ride out this last year and a half...I can say who cares to NEASC and PDPs! And really, c'mon, what student actually wants to receive a letter of recommendation for college? No one reads those things anyway!

  4. AMEN! Seems the CT governor and the VA Legislature have been drinking the same Kool-Aid! How did we not realize it was so easy? Silly us.

  5. Love it Joe - So true.... If I had only known - I guess i can start that philosophy tomorrow or maybe the next day or.... maybe ...

  6. I loved this post! Can I get paid back the time it took me to videotape and prepare my Best portfolio? I felt like I was working 24 hours a day during that year! Here I have been teaching for 13 year and didn't realize I didn't actually have to teach, correct papers, contact parents, prepare kids for life (and the CMTs). Your post was filled with such humor- it was just what I needed after correcting papers for 5 hours. :)If only I read it before I corrected.