Friday, April 17, 2009

Rejection Arrived

I should be used to it by now. But it still stings. With slightly less than two weeks until they announce the winner of the Delacorte contest my dreaded SASE arrived minutes ago.

Form letter.

Usual spiel.

I suppose I should take solace in the fact that there were more than 600 manuscripts and mine lasted until near the end. I'd love to know why it didn't make the final cut, but they don't tell you.

Back to writing....


  1. It's bad that they do not tell you why your piece wasn't selected, how are you supposed to improve as a writer? That's ok though, you can write until you die, whereas if someone tackles you in a Rec basketball game and tears your ACL, you cant play golf for 6 months. Good thing I'm not the captain or a senior or anything like that.

  2. For as long as there have been writers, there have been rejections, be it by individuals or publishers. Keep positive and keep submitting; it will eventually get published and accepted. You already won a terrific award for it! Whoa...I sound surprisingly optimistic. Who am I?